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When you have a roof leak, you want it fixed as soon as possible. A leaking roof can cause significant water damage to your property. The longer you wait to repair your roof, the more damage it will sustain. Of course, the more severe the damage, the more costly it will be to repair. Sun City Roofer Pros’ experts will analyze your problem swiftly and resolve it as soon as possible, ensuring that your home is fully secured.

Our Sun City AZ roofing experts all have the same goal: to provide excellent customer service while maintaining the highest levels of honesty and workmanship. So whether you need a roof leak repair, a roof replacement, or something else, you’ll never have to deal with any hassles, and you can be assured that we’ll do your task expertly.

Sun City Roofer Pros provides a comprehensive range of services to both residential and commercial roofing customers. These are some of them:

  • Repairing gutters
  • Repair of window screens and glass
  • Repairing a little fence
  • Painting and staining


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Roof Leak Repair

It’s not always easy to detect a leak. While a larger leak can become a noticeable drop from your ceiling, a minor leak can sneak up on you until you uncover extensive water damage. Calling an experienced roof leak repair professional is essential to preserving your home’s structural integrity.

Sun City Roofer Pros’ roofers have specialized training and skills to detect possible problems and stop leaks before they drain your bank account. Call our office to arrange for a leak assessment at your home or business by one of our roof leak repair contractors. Our roofers will take the time to inspect every inch of your roof, make any necessary repairs, and offer advice on avoiding leaks. In addition, you may save money and have peace of mind by having our roof leak repair specialists do periodic maintenance on your roof.

Flat Roof Repair in Sun City

Do you have a leaking flat roof? Unfortunately, roof Leaks are a common part of life, no matter how careful you are with your roof’s maintenance.

When your flat roof leaks, follow these steps:

  • Set out buckets to collect dripping water, protecting your property’s interior from harm.
  • For a permanent solution to your leak, contact a roofing professional.

You may try to fix the leak yourself, but why bother when you can leave it to a professional? Sun City Roofer Pros is skilled at repairing flat roofs, regardless of the severity of the leak.

 To discover more about our repair services, give us a call now!

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How do you fix a roof leak near a chimney?

Roofs and chimneys may not usually match up perfectly. Occasionally, the roof will split from the chimney’s bricks, resulting in a leak. These leaks can be difficult to detect, so it’s better to consult an expert if you suspect one on your property. Sun City Roofer Pros’ repair crew can clear any leaves or debris from the gap between the chimney and the flashing.

We’ll then remove hardened roofing cement with a chisel to access the leak. We’ll then reapply a generous amount of roofing cement behind the flashing and fasten the flashing to the chimney with masonry nails or screws. We want to ensure that every repair we make is airtight, so we use more roofing cement to cover each nail and screw head. You may expect a safe flashing and a dry, sealed house once we accomplish this simple repair.



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